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EvangelistJeffrey Pointer

Jeffrey Pointer is a native of Montclair, New Jersey and currently resides in Charlotte, NC.  He is married to Tonya Pointer, and they have three children: Terence, Derek, and Morgan.  Added to his family, are Chandy, his daughter-in-law, and his first grandchild, Terrence II.

Jeffrey became a Christian at an early age and his parents, George and the late Betty Pointer were faithful Christians who trained their children with spiritual values.  He earned his degree in Biblical Studies from Northeastern Christian Junior College in Villanova, PA and continued his education at Oklahoma Christian University.

After college, his journey of ministry began.  He served as minister for the Churches of Christ in Americus and Quitman, Georgia.   He is currently serving as the minister for the Southern Hills Church of Christ, Charlotte, NC; a work that started with a vision to evangelize the southern part of the city of Charlotte. 

As part of his evangelistic charge, he has toured numerous cities in Zimbabwe and South Africa to help stabilize the churches in that region.  In Africa, he conducted many workshops on church development, coordinated community outreach programs and evangelized impoverish communities which resulted in many souls being led to Christ.

He is highly respected in the brotherhood and serves on the board for the North Carolina Lectureship.  He has been featured as the keynote speaker and facilitator for numerous local, state, regional and national lectureships.

Jeffrey is known for his friendly personality, his passion for singing, and preaching. 

In reference to his character, he is a man of his word.


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